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Most cities, certainly in the United States are based on histories of foundational violence, but we go to extremes to erase and forget about that.

If we were actually to move towards racial of the first steps would be

truth and honesty.


I am a qualitative social scientist who works at the intersection of geography and critical ethnic studies, especially Chicanx Studies. My interest in these fields began as a young child fascinated by maps, landscapes, nature, and places. At the same time, everyday life taught me that we live in racial, class, and gender hierarchies that shapes our lives. Through my research and teaching I explore how race, nation and class shape places and how places inform racial, economic and environmental processes.


Currently, I am studying hegemonic forms of racism and nationalism – especially around climate change and cultural memory. I am deeply interested in understanding how white supremacy, white nationalism, and economic inequality inform dominant narratives that serve to uphold the status quo and how they might be dislodged.


We live in a time for profound racial, economic, and environmental change. I invite you to peruse my site, download articles and essays, and follow my blog.

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